What to Expect on Your Dog's First Day!

The first day

Leaving your dog for their first day of doggy daycare can be stressful for both you and your furry friends. At BarkPark we make the experience as enjoyable as possible while providing you and your pet all the support you need.

The first day we ask that you drop your pup off right at 7am so they are the first to meet all their new friends as they come in (rather than come in and meet 20 new friends right away). During drop-off we’ll put your dogs leash in a labeled cubby just for them as well as any other belongings they need throughout the day.

Structured Schedule

  • The first three hours of daycare are all play with lots of sniffing, romping, and rolling around. After “Morning Free Play” we transition all the pups into their first walk.

  • Our walks are a mile long and are considered “working walks” which means they don’t do any interactions with other people or pups in the neighborhood. They also do sits at intersections and lots of “heel” and “watch/look” work. We’ll also work on any leash behaviors you’d like if mentioned to our staff.

  • After all the pups have their first walk we do some “Pack Training” where the whole pack works on sit, stay, down, stay. For some of our more advanced friends we’ll work on multi-stage commands, scent work, and spacial awareness.

  • At this point our friends go into their second walks of the day and are usually paired up with a friend from daycare. After their second walk the pups go into “Free-play”/nap time depending on the dogs energy level.

  • Pickup is very similar to drop-off. When you walk in we’ll bring your pup to the vestibule to greet you and get leashed up for their ride home. Here we’ll answer any questions you may have before you leave.

Our daycare Has three rooms:

  • Large Dog/Heavy Play

  • Small Dog/Light Play

  • YOGI room.

Our main play space is where the larger dogs (and dogs who like to play rough) have their activities throughout the day. Our Small Dog room is for our smaller pups as well as dogs who have a softer play style. The YOGI room is where our pups who need individual one-on-one attention go throughout the day. Our pups who need a break from play will use this room to chill out and do some private one-on-one work depending on their needs for the day.

At the end of the day each pup gets an individual report card as well as photos of their day uploaded to their profile. You can check in on them throughout the day by simply clicking their current appointment on your calendar to see any photos or important notes even before the end of their appointment.

Some things to note:

  • Walk times vary depending on the weather as well as the dogs walking style

  • Not all dogs will be paired up for their second walk. It is dependent on their walk style

  • We can adjust the days schedule depending on specific packs needs.

Katherine Wade