Is Boarding Right For My Pet?

Will my dog be happy boarding?

Many dogs are very happy when they stay at BarkPark and even look forward to visiting. You should plan well in advance and make sure to book a meet & greet so you can meet our staff and see the facility. BarkPark always recommends a series of daycare visits lasting a few hours to allow your dog to become accustomed to being away from you. This also gives them the opportunity to grow comfortable with our staff and facility.

How will I know if my dog will relax During their stay?

Despite the fears of owners, most dogs settle into boarding life very quickly.

It is always worthwhile to board your pet for a short period such as a weekend or a few days to see how they do before leaving them for a prolonged time. One or two short stays at BarkPark will help your pet adjust to being without you and get used to the facility and staff. Be sure to share your pet's typical behavior and appetite during your meet and greet so we can make sure we know if something is amiss. Many pets that are unaccustomed to boarding will have a decreased appetite or drink less water during their stay. This is normal but frequent, short visits will help reduce your pet's anxieties.

Are there any requirements necessary before boarding my pet?

All pets that are boarded are required to be current on their vaccinations, heartworm and flea preventive, and be in good health. Rabies, canine distemper, and Bordetella vaccines are required. We require written proof of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian and all applicable pet licenses prior to boarding your pet. These can be uploaded right to our website or brought in during your meet & greet visit.

We require that all dogs that stay at BarkPark get along with other dogs, have no bite history, and are comfortable being handled by different people. We have a crate-free environment meaning unless a dog prefers to sleep in a crate they are provided a comfy cot to sleep in during their stay.

You should fully discuss any special medical problems or dietary requirements with our staff before boarding your pet at BarkPark!

Will my dog be exercised during their stay?

YES! Unlike other boarding facilities BarkPark believes you shouldn’t have to pay extra for mental and physical engagement during your pets stay. Every dog will have daycare included free with their stay. This means they’ll get the same structured day of activities as all the dogs coming to play for the day and be super tired by the end of each day. To learn more about our daycares structure checkout our blog post here.

Katherine Wade