Terms & COnditions

1.) All dogs are required to be up to date on Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella and be actively treated with flea and tick preventative.

2.) Only healthy, incommunicable dogs may participate in BarkPark Philly LLC’s services. All dogs showing signs of illness will be sent home and only accepted back with veterinarian approval.

3.) All dogs must be spayed/neutered above the age of 6 months unless given a veterinarian recommendation to do otherwise. I will not hold BarkPark Philly LLC accountable for impregnation.

4.) All dogs must show no signs of aggression towards people and dogs. BarkPark Philly LLC has the right to terminate daycare, dog walking, grooming, or pet sitting privileges and refuse services at any time.

5.) If your dog needs immediate medical assistance, you are giving BarkPark Philly LLC the right to seek medical care by a Pennsylvania licensed vet. All costs associated with veterinarian visits will be charged to the dog’s owner. Any cost associated with any type of vet visit is the owners responsibility.

6.) A $5 fee will be charged for same day cancellations and appointment requests. 

7.) You understand and accept that we have the right to utilize any, and all photos taken of your dog while utilizing any of the services offered by BarkPark Philly LLC. This includes but is not limited to daycare, indoor dog park, drop-in play, dog walks, and pet sitting.

8.) All dogs must arrive and leave on a leash no longer than 6’, in accordance to Philadelphia’s leash laws.

9.) Late pick-ups will result in a $15 charge which will be applied for each 30-minute increment passed pick-up. Dogs not picked up by 9:00PM will be boarded at the facility for a flat fee of $120. Pickup is then available anytime after 6:30am, any dog that is not claimed by the end of the week will be surrendered to a local shelter or rescue and the owner will be blacklisted from all of BarkPark’s services.

10) We are not responsible for any home damage or utility charges accrued during the duration of our visits.

11) BarkPark Philly LLC is authorized to shorten visit times or cancel visits during inclement weather or other situations beyond their control.

12) We may make changes to the Site and the Terms & Conditions. It is your responsibility to review the Terms & Conditions for updates or changes.